施工效率 3 倍提升 / 动力强劲—工况适应性好

量      150L/min
     最大压力      80kg/cm2
     驱动功率      15kw
     吸水管直径     75mm
     排水管直径     50mm
     钻进孔深      金刚石钻进<1500
     外形尺寸      1100*995*650
     重  量      760kg


BW-250 type slurry pump is a horizontal, three cylinder reciprocating, single functional piston pump with two types of cylinder diameter and four gear speed. According to specified use, the displacement and the hole depth can be adjusted at will .This pump is suitable to be the supporting equipment to the drilling rig within 1500 meters and can also be used for the slurry infusion.This pump is low in energy cost, flexible in operation, easy in decomposability and convenient in moving.


Major parameter:

maximum discharge      150L/min
    maximum pressure       80kg/cm2
    driving power          15kw
    Suction pipe diameter       75mm
    Drain pipe diameter        50mm
    drilling hole depth         diamond drilling<1500
                            alloy drilling<1000
    boundary dimension       1100*995*650
    weight                                          760kg